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October 8, 2010

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Courtesy of Christina Schraefel

Courtesy of Bruce Mettlewsky

Photo By Richard Budel

Note - go to PHOTOS/TOWN to see these pictures in higher quality.

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Never taking a sleeping pill and a laxative at the same time!

NEWS: I am going to post my comments and observations here rather than on the NEWS page as most people enter the site from this page.

10/8/10 - I want to point out that Brendan Gall, son of Christina Schraefel, has a significant role in the new CBC comedy - Men with Brooms. Check out the trailer here. The West Central Rage juniors have played 3 games so far in the regular season and their record is 1 win, 2 losses and 0 ties. That places then squarely in the middle of the pack. Not bad for a second year club. The boys are scoring approximately 3.3 goals per game. That is better than last year when goals were hard to come by. The KCS Rebels football team seems to be doing well. They beat arch-rivals Macklin last weekend. I don't have  all their scores but understand that they are piling on the points except for a tight loss to Plenty. Rodeo has been in the news also as Mark Sayers was named Cowboy of the Year in the Kakeyow Rodeo Association,and Sydney Hooper of Plenty earned honours as the Junior High Point Saddle at the Association finals in North Battleford.

I have updated the HUMOR page and am slowly updating the anniversary/birthday calendar on a month by month basis. So stop in and check out to see who is aging this month. Hint - October will be done by the weekend, the rest to follow.

Traffic to the website is gratifyingly high as we are less than 400 short of the 35,000 hits mark! And recently we added India and the Philipines to the list of countries with visitors to the site! (Check the STATS page)

The Prairieland Players are also gearing up for a new season. Here's an update I received from playwright/actor Shauna Meek:

The Prairieland Players are busy practicing the one-act play "Sis Boom Baa" by Sybil Rosen. We will be competing in TheatreOne at Melfort the first weekend of November, performing the Friday night. 
Cast is:
Jaime Frydenlund, Stephanie Hrycan, Monika Andrews, Shauna Meek, Severin Frydenlund, Chad Tetzlaff
Crew is:
Warren Connor, Val Connor, Lyle Wright, Carol Wright, Ashley Carruthers.

And the Centennial Celebration Organization Committee is meeting this Thursday at the Courthouse to continue developing the plan for next year's blow-out!

9/26/10 - added Barb Stefaniuk's obituary to the MEMORIAM page.

9/24/10 - Here's the arrangements for Barb Stefaniuk's funeral:

"BARBARA JOAN STEFANIUK, 44 Years, who died September 23, Beloved wife of Terry and mother of Matthew, Zachary & Vanessa.


Interment in the Hague Cemetery ,Sunday Sept. 26 at 12:00 P.M.

Donations may be made to Canadian Cancer Society (Sask. Branch), or M S Research City Hospital c/o Bicks Drugs, Kerrobert"

9/23/10 - Just posted Barb Stefaniuk's name to the MEMORIAM page. She passed away suddenly this morning. Condolences go out to the family.

9/22/10A - Just found out that Fred Widdowson died. There was a service in Watrous and at the Kerrobert cemetery. Fred was 68 years of age. I'll post more details when they become available. (His name has been added to the MEMORIAM page). Our sympathy goes out to the family.

9/22/10 - Margie Snell's email address has been updated in the CONTACTS page. There is also a new entry in the GUESTBOOK. And I have updated the content of the HUMOR page. I was informed that the REBELS football team is a 2-1 having lost last Saturday to arch-rival, Plenty. The junior hockey RAGE has been running training/tryout camps for the upcoming season, its second. The Tigers are also practicing but at this point it is not clear whether they'll be an entry or not. You may recall that last year they asked for a one year suspension. A check on traffic numbers for the website shows that we are coming up on the 35,000 visit mark. Who would have thought it? I also found out that Jimmy's, the restaurant next to the Northern Light motel has changed hands as Jimmy and Manli Mendoza are retiring. I don't know who the new Proprietors are. The community fundraiser for Tracy and Avery Volk in honour of Deon Volk, closed with a presentation to Tracy and Avery of  $47,389.91. That was a great effort!

I am also happy to report that the website was of assistance in enabling to school mates to reconnect. That is always something that gives me great pleasure.

9/12/10 - Just discovered that the Rebels triumphed over Eatonia by a 73-0 margin. I would consider that a decisive victory!

9/11/10 - I have added 2 entries to the MEMORIAM page (Including the obituary notices). The first is Hilda Southward nee Nave. Hilda is the sister of Dale Nave. The second is Jack Funk, a former principal at KCS, and in fact the first principal of what we used to refer to as the new high school. Our condolences go out to the families.

The area has been busy over the past couple of weeks as Kerrobert hosted a very successful Rodeo, and Major was the site of the annual Red Neck Games. It is great to see that the area residents are able to attend and support a variety of events. I also noticed that the Rage and the Rebels are in action this weekend. A sure sign that summer is nearing its end. So far there's been no word on whether the Tigers will see action this winter. The next league meeting is on October 3rd. Perhaps there'll be more news after that. Also, no word on where the Kindersley team will be playing. They were forced to finish the season last year in Kerrobert as their home arena had burned down.

I apologize for the delays in posting updates but my wife and I took our 2 youngest sons and families to Holland for 2 weeks, where we had a reunion with our oldest son and family, who is now living there. We had a great time as we were together in a rented bungalow on an island in the North Sea.

I have also updated the HUMOR page, one of the most popular pages on the website. I also want to remind people of the 100th. birthday celebrations slated for next year. A volunteer committee has been busily preparing for the celebration. Check out the town's website for more news.

8/15/10 - I am starting to see more mentions about the upcoming celebration for 2011. Obviously there will be class reunions held within the contect of the overall celebration. I would just like to remind people that if you wish to post items on your class page, pass them on to me and I'll try to have them posted to the site within 48 hours (unless I'm on the road). Also, if you want to post something yourself, you can do so on the messages board. That one doesn't require any intervention on my part. I will be away for 2 1/2 weeks so no updates during that time.

8/6/10 - Updated the HUMOR page. Also added another picture to the PHOTOS section (Town Scenes ). It has been very hot and humid here in Ontario, but I can see that the weather has been unsettled everywhere. The rain on the Prairies would have been most welcome in the interior of B.C. I suspect. What an uneven distribution! I noticed that Luseland and Kindersley both had very successful centennial celebrations. That's an incentive for the people who are working so hard on Kerrobert's celebration for next year. These being the dog days of summer, there isn't much else to report. I hope that everyone is enjoying the summer!

7/27/10 - I just added a bunch of pictures to the Photos section (Town Scenes). I also added  some data concerning next year's celebration, things like the program, accommodations, etc.  (EVENTS). I received an email from Lucille Lowes in reference to my posting for 7/18/10 (see below). The location, 19 Bayview Heights is NOT Meota but a small community bordering the North side of the Battlefords provincial park on Jackfish Lake. Just to make that Clear i am including a map here. Click on the picture to see a full-size map as well as a satellite shot.

7/21/10 - The Saskatchewan provincial government has announced that Highway 51 from Kerrobert to the Alberta border will be paved as part of a rolling 5 year plan for infrastructure renewal. That will be good news for people who have to head west. However, the section from Kerrobert to Biggar was not included. Too bad. The discussion over the selection of a news slogan to the replace the venerable "the town on the old tote road' refuses to die down as it has spilled on to sites such as facebook. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. The $100,000 grand prize winner of the Kinsman Lotto were Mike and Adeline Wildeman of Unity. A number of locals won lesser prizes. Congratulations to all the winners. Yesterday I discovered a gem iof a piece of software - Advanced System Cleaner (ASC). This free application really does a fine job of supercharging your system, including internet connections. I have added a ling to it on the SOFTWARE page. Try it out!

7/18/10 - A couple of items of interest. First of all, someone posted a request on the GUESTBOOK regarding information on a family called Sheppard which lived in Kerrobert at one time. I don't recall the family but perhaps some of you do and could help out this person. Please check the entry for more detail.  Also, I received an email from Glenn and Lucille Lowes(Bohn) informing me that they are starting a B & B at their place in Meota. The actual text is set out below, and I'm including their business card as well. Good luck on your venture Glenn and Lucille!


Good morning everyone...just to let you know about our new adventure! Feel free to pass this info along to anyone you think might be interested.
We are excited to get up & running & to date I have obtained my Food Safety Certificate & have it proudly displayed.
We hope to have a web asap.
We have also purchased a new queen sized bed,which our family members will be happy about!
There has been so much rain,every thing is lush & GREEN. Sorry to say the Saskatoon berries are few & far between..
Hope this finds you all well & having a great summer.
Enjoy, looking forward to hearing from you.
Glenn & Lucille


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Lucille Lowes has been seeking contact info for Shelby Smith, daughter of one of the Royal Bank Managers during the mid to late fifties. Can anyone help in this matter?


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