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If you have any news you'd like to share with fellow Kerrobertans, drop us an e-mail. Please allow 2 weeks for processing. This site is after all only a hobby!  


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Note, the water colour painting of the Saskatoon Berries is by Lucille Lowes (Bohn). Lucille now runs a small art studio out her residence at Cochin. I've seen sample of her multi-media art, and it is well worth the effort to stop in if you're in the area.

Click on the thumbnail(s) to see a larger version.


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Winter 2008 -2009 WOW!

Man, this is an old-fashioned winter. We just received another dumping of snow. And I noticed that the cold weather continues in the west. We received word from our son in Holland that western Europe is also "enjoying " a real winter with lots of cold and unaccustomed snow falls. One thing about weather like this is that people stay home. And wheen they stay home they often will surf the internet. And that is reflected in the amount of traffic that the website is experiencing. As of the writing of this piece, the visitor count stood at 25,737 which is great for a small town website!

The Tigers took it on the chin last night when the Luseland Mallards beat them 7-3 in Luseland. That leaves the Tigers right in the middle of the pack, holding on to 5th position in the 9 team league. However, Eatonia and Oyen are within 2 points of the Tigers.

I would like to issue another appeal for someone to send me a graduation picture for the class of '07. It is the only picture that I am missing for classes from 1957 onward!

I am considering the removal of the SHARING pages from the website. I've never heard from anyone that they have looked at these pages. And the site is starting to run out of room so something will have to give. I am nort sure about the popularity of the NEIGHBOURS and FEEDERS pages. They could also be candidates for the culling process.

I have not had any news of the Prairieland Players for the past 1/2 year or so. Are they still alive? Will there be a performance this season? Someone please drop me a line.

I noticed that Bill Scott has been elected the new Mayor of Kerrobert.

The Centennial Celebration committee is looking for photographic submissions for a projected calendar based on the town's history. Check here for details.

And, as always, I welcome submissions (graphics, announcements, or just "How are you's"). You can reach me at


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