Here are some pictures of various Kerrobert sports teams. See if you can identify some of the players!

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If you have any that might be of interest, please send them to Richard Budel, and they'll be added.

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1913 Prov. Lacrosse Champs

Back L-R: Ron Foster, Bob Farquahar, Ken Olson, John Farquhar, Ross Johnston, ??

Front L-R: Peter Johnston, ??, Dennis Armstrong, Bob Heidt, Wade Weber

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1934 Prov. Champs

85-86 Prov. Champs


Back: Jim Doerr?, Jim Peacock, Warren Connor, Darryl Grant, Jerry Schan, ??.

Front: Don Schwab, Billy Allison, Chris Mclean, ??,??.

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Back: Walter Allen, Eric Peacock, Mel Brotzel, Harold Pedersen, Don Schwab, Coach Richard Riendeau.

Middke: Richard Bahm, John Farquhar, Robert Farquhar, Joe Fauht, Clifford James.

Front: Jim Schan, Ken Olson, Peter Budel, Fred Weber, Robert Redhead

Anybody recognize these players?

Left to Right:

Displaying their silver medals:

Laying Down in Front – Derek Park, Jon McNichol, Devin Charteris

Kneeling – Kody Meier, Anthony Meyer, Joey Welter, Harlan MacKrell, Andy Stevenson, Geoff Stevenson, Shane Molnar, Regis Neumeier, Brenden Wilson

Standing Front Row – Mr. Reschney, Ross Neumeier, Cody Welker, Luke Alberts, Cameron Smith, Josh Heidt, Brett Riendeau, Ian Welter, Gary Mendoza, Troy Flahr, Drew Heidt (Crutches), Mr. Denny

Standing Back Row –Mr. Gillies, Mr. Jeanson, Chad Tetzlaff (Hat), Kyle Jackel, Michael MacArthur,

Daykota Volk holding flag with Logan Wack, Mike McArdle, Tyson Knorr, Justin Lodoen, Garret Smith

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Kerrobert Bantams, League Champions '63-'64

Back: Coach Orest Kwasnitsa, Doran Chen, Bruce Johnstone, Jim Rolston, John Jaap, Bob Chamberlain, Bill Thun, Bob Heidt, Barry Formanek.

Front: Garry Keller, Ken Gouliguer, Greg Murdoch, Jim Watt, Bill Snell, Bob Miller, Wayne Lauinger.

Front Row: Mr. Jeanson, Mr. Gillies Devin Charteris, Jon McNichol, Josh Heidt, Drew Heidt, Shane Molnar, Ross Neumeier, Gary Mendoza, Cameron Smith, Brett Riendeau, Ian Welter, Mr. Denney

Middle Row: Regis Neumeier, Harlan MacKrell, Justin Lodoen, Kody Meier, Andy Stevenson, Logan Wack, Anthony Meyer, Derek Park, Mike McArdle, Chad Tetlaff

Back Row: Kyle Jackel, Joey Welter, Tyson Knoww, Geoff Stevenson, Cody Welker, Brenden Wilson, Mike MacArthur, Garret Smith, Troy Flahr

Girls Basketball 1962

Front Row: Bette Johnston, Mabel Finlay, Lorraine Schan, Myrna Fry, Maureen Whetter.

Back row: Carol Jaap, Irene King, Dorothy Johnston, Roy Mallard, Shirleen Armstrong, Paulette Whetter, Marlene Schwab, Linda Bick


Picture - J. Funk


1934-1935 Western Canada Champs

2010 - 2011 Kerrobert Midget Tigers


The Midget team who won Provincial A this past season. 
First ever Midget team to win a Provincial title in Kerrobert`s history that we are aware of. Only the third Minor Hockey team to win a title. 2 Pee Wee teams have won in the past. 




1 Dustin Waldner, 33-Tanner Burgardt, 2-Travis Turnbull, 3-Laine Ostrowski,4-Mike Cholin, 5-Levi Schreiber, 6 -Kyle Shynkaruk, 7-Travis Roszel, 9- Dylan MacKinnon, 1-Mason Anderson, 11-Darin Sperling; 12-Jake Semilet, 14-Dylan Reilkoff, 15-Stephen Schraefel, 17- Logan Dommet, 18-Troy Clappison, 19-Chris Mitchell, 21-Matt Mitchell, 22-Taylor Murphy

Coach- Brad Murphy, Asst. Coach- Garry Anderson, Manager- Clem Schraefel



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