Town Scenes


Here are some pictures of sites in the town taken during Homecoming 2001. 

(Click on the thumbnail to see the full-sized picture.) 

If you have any that might be of interest, please send them to Richard Budel, and they'll be added.

ARENA.jpg (31331 bytes) HOSPITAL.jpg (33315 bytes) KCS.jpg (23553 bytes) MUSEUM.jpg (24905 bytes) POOL.jpg (32318 bytes)
The Memorial Arena The Hospital KCS The Museum The Pool
RCCHURCH.jpg (22345 bytes) STATION.jpg (21215 bytes) THEATRE.jpg (38658 bytes) map.JPG (40487 bytes) ELEV.jpg (38117 bytes)
The Catholic Church Ye Olde Station The Lux Theatre Street Map


( J. Dubielewicz)

WTOWER.jpg (35699 bytes) graffiti.jpg (34802 bytes) car4.jpg (31682 bytes) orgcar.jpg (23582 bytes) crthouse.jpg (49090 bytes)
The Water Tower The Graffiti Barn 2001 1961 The Courthouse
angchurch.jpg (60990 bytes) cemetery.jpg (48782 bytes) crthouse.jpg (57375 bytes) hillside.jpg (35681 bytes) library.jpg (62598 bytes)
Anglican Church (H.McGinnis) Cemetery

Court House 


Hillside Manor



phaven.jpg (52715 bytes) uchurch.jpg (63308 bytes)

Pioneer Haven


United Church


Mainstreet 19XX Kerrobert Courthouse 12/29/06 - 14:32 (Courtesy of John Tomecek, via Frieda Hogg)

The Train Station (1920)

Picture was offered on Ebay for $19.95.


Another picture listed on Ebay for $19.95)

The old Townhall (1918). Listed for sale on EBay. Another photo of the now-gone elevators. Another shot of the Lux theatre. Street scene circa 1917
Courtesy of Christina Schraefel Courtesy of Bruce Mettlewsky Main Street ca. 1911, courtesy of Greg Murdoch Winter 1955 (i remember it well!) The former Catholic Church
Another picture of the Town/Fire Halls Old town scenes Old town scenes Old town scenes Old town scenes
Arial View Arial View Arial View Arial View Old town scenes
Kerrobert Coins Kerrobert Coins Kerrobert Coins Map Town scene
Town scene Town scene Arial View Old town scenes Old town scenes
#1-Arial shot of new Wellness Centre #2-Progress photo of new Wellness Centre #3- Progress photo. #4-Progress photo #5 Progress photo 


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